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May 7, 2014

12–1 PM
Free with Museum admission

How does happiness relate to art? Where some believe that you have to suffer for your art, science now reveals that being creative can make you happier and, further, suggests that being happier increases creativity. Randy Taran, author, producer, and founder of projecthappiness.org, an organization that teaches happiness and emotional resilience in more than eight countries, will share some tools from the "science of Happiness" to help deepen your creativity on and off the canvas, express your unique artistic voice, and experience the fullness of life's palette.

Public Program
May 15, 2014

5–8 PM
$30 ($15 for members)

Many legendary artists were also legendary lushes. We are not encouraging overindulgence but encourage you to let loose and chill with a cocktail or beverage of your choice and try your hand at making a painting in a no-pressure environment. Relax with a drink as artist/instructor Denise Liberi guides your creation. No skills required! 

Public Event
September 13, 2014

5:30 PM

You know it's the party of the year. Just imagine what we'll do when it's our birthday.